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Claim your own free server powered by Creatable Host, with lightning speed you can deploy your Discord bot, Minecraft server, Lavalink server, VsCode server and way more.


Whats the function

Meet the feature of Creatable

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Fast Performance

We do not rely on other hosts to host your server, instead, everything runs on our own hardware down in Australia.
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Maybe you do not want to use Creatable for your personal project, and instead use for your startup website, minecraft network and more, we offer the cheapest and best way to create a solution for your need..
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Privacy is a human right, and with Creatable, powered by SnailDOS, privacy should not be a concern. We do not track your data, and we do not sell your data.
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Customer Support

With our free 24/7 live support, you can organise support, or chat about plans of our services.

Quality features

Amazing useful features

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Fast Performance

Let’s just get this out of the way - none of our servers ever overload, we continue to always scale out when required...
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We’re trusted. We have been operating for over 8 months, we have a community and have a strong reputation and relationship with our users.

Core features

Instantly deploy anytime & anywhere

Deploy with lightning fast speeds on our infastructure, at any time, at anywhere.


Whats the function

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Register for an account

Create an account, ensure you have a discord so you join our discord server, this is the only requirement for our host. This way, if anything happens you will be the first to know!

Create a server

Select the software for your server, and create!

Wait for 60 seconds!

During this time, the server will be deployed on our infastructure.

You are finished!

You can now use your server! When you restart your server, any security updates will be applied automatically.

Pricing Plan

Deploy your server with cheapest prices!

Additions for your server

Explore our additional features you can add on for a cheap price! (You'll need to join our discord and contact our modmail to buy these!)